Heroes of the Storm adds two new Heroes

Two new heroes

With Gamescom happening the Hots community was wondering what the team at blizzard had in store for fans, and they surprised everyone by announcing two new heroes before Gamescom even began! Along with the two new Heroes, the team at Blizzard also announce new Starcraft themed maps, which is very welcome news considering the Diablo maps were announced in 2014! Take a look at the video below for an introduction to the new heroes



Heroes Alarak

The first new hero is coming from the Starcraft universe and looks to provide a new melee DPS to the game, Alarak. Watching the intro video got me really interested in him, since he looks like his reflect will be a great counter to burst damage dealers, and give a great way to counter a lot of auto-attack carry heroes in the game.



The second hero to come over from the Overwatch universe Zarya looks like she will be brining her off tank/ support abilities to Heroes of the Storm. Black Hole has been a major staple of the Dota 2 universe so I can’t wait to see what it will open up for possibilities in Heroes of the Storm! I think the first real “wombo-combos” will start to develop around her, and I for one can’t wait to see them!!

The second video from the team highlights the new maps that are in development. As someone who has begged for more game themed maps, I couldn’t be happier! I always thought that one of Heroes biggest strengths was using maps as a third part of the meta, and this just adds a whole new layer to things! Check them out and enjoy!


Adding new maps is great for the game, and I think as more franchises get pulled into the franchise Heroes will just find more and more players. The niche of Heroes of the Storm will always be that it is the Moba with all the maps, and they will do well to keep adding them!

I’m sure that our weekly Heroes recap will talk more about them, and have more info so be sure to check that out too on Monday!

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