Last Week in Heroes August 15th

Sometimes there is an interesting bug, amazing replay, or cool story I want to share, but it is not of substance to write an article. I hope to collect all of those tidbits every week and compile them here to share with you all. I’ll do this week by week right before Patch Day on Tuesdays! We’re also releasing a video Weekly Recap of all things happening in the MOBA scene very soon. While you’ll get more Heroes of the Storm things here specifically, if you’re into multiple games definitely give it a watch!


  • Auriel finishes up her first week with a respectable winrate on Hotslogs. While slightly below 50%, this can be attributed to all the new players trying her out. With Zagara, Kerrigan, and Jaina all on the top in terms of popularity and success, Auriel has plenty of targets to Bestow Hope. I can only imagine her win rate and popularity will rise once everyone gets accustomed to her playstyle. We saw a slight rise in success with Lunara and Nazeebo, is that possibly due to our newest support?
  • SolidJakeGG announced his newest tournament, Bloodlust, this week. You can donate to the prizepool here. Dunktrain is also joining as a commentator and analyst for the tournament. I wish him success with his new venture! If you’re a fan of his or want to support the Heroes of the Storm community grow, contribute to the greater cause. The fun starts September 17th-18th.
  • If you’re interested in web development or app development for Heroes of the Storm, comment on this thread in the forums. Blizzard isn’t too far away from released an API for the game, but a gentle nudge in the right direction could push it out for everyone. DOTABUFF shows what can happen when an API is released for the community.
  •  Nexus Master launched their website earlier this week and it’s a wealth of information. This page is a great reminder of timing for map objectives for each map in the game. If you’re new to Heroes of the Storm, just re-learning it, or prepping for your next Hero League game this is going to be a great resource. MoreMOBA approved.
  • The Ranked Season has been extended from the week of August 23rd to the week of September 13th! If you haven’t gotten the desired rank for your elemental lizard mount, here’s your chance!
  • After their loss to Gale Force eSports in the NA Fall Regionals, Naventic Fan joins GFE’s roster. Roflcopter is retiring to finish his engineering degree. This is going to be a shake up for Naventic, who has failed to place for their last few tournaments. Post-tournament roster swaps are always hotbeds for drama!

  • If you missed the Regionals, GosuGamers made a great video highlighting the top 5 plays of the tournament!

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