Valve announces Two New Heroes for Dota 2

With The International still in full swing the Dota 2 Hype train is running at full speed, and outside of some incredible games, fans are getting treated to some new characters as well! On Thursday we were shown the next Hero “Underlord” during the all-star game. But last night we were shown a new cinematic for the long rumored hero sun-wukong, going forward he will be known in game “Monkey King”.

Two New Heroes



Known as Pitlord during his Dota Allstars days Underlord will be entering the game on August 23rd. His abilities (which are subject to change) seem really cool, and I can’t wait to see the different strategies he will bring to the table. His reveal was during the All star match and we actually got to watch Bigdaddy N0tail play as him!


Monkey King

The most exciting news so far has to be the reveal of Monkey King. When Icefrog was still developing Dota Allstars, he revealed that he was in the process of developing a hero called “Sun Wukong” but before he was released Valve hired him and development on Dota 2 started. Several of the abilities that were meant for Sun Wukong got rolled into Phantom Lancer, but the hero himself has never been released. That means that Monkey King will be the first original character for Dota 2, and the patch for him is aptly named “The New Journey”. Check out the trailer for him below!


For those of you who play other games, you might be wondering why this is so cool. Smite releases a new character every month, Paragon is going strong with #everythreeweeks, and League of legends still cranks out new heroes by the quarter. But Dota 2 has been slow to release heroes and this is by design, and for good reasons. The hero releases are slow because everyone is free, so there is no monetary incentive to develop new characters, and once you get past that it lets you make sure everyone is balanced and well designed before release. Anyone who plays Heroes of the Storm can tell you how rushing a hero usually results in post patches that will nerf, buff, nerf, and buff again but throw the entire meta into turmoil until the dust settles. This isn’t the case with Dota, new heroes are picked just as much as old heroes, and outside of low skill games there are few people jumping on them as soon as they enter the game.

With that being said, the announcement of two new characters for Dota 2 is great news, and I can’t wait to see them in the game, especially Monkey King!

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