What you need to know for the Paragon Open Beta

Paragon Open Beta

Although the closed beta wasn’t hard to get into, its nice to see the next stage of development starting for Paragon, and the open beta will be starting up on the 16th of August. The team has worked hard making the game easy to learn for new players, but challenging for MOBA veterans so if you were waiting for a good time to start playing this might be it!

For new players!

If you are new to Paragon, we have some great articles that you can use to learn about the game.

  • Introduction to Paragon Cards– One of the most unique aspects of Paragon is its deck building, in this article we review what it is, and how to use it!
  • Introduction to Map Objectives– If you’ve played a MOBA or not this teaches you about the map objectives in Paragon.
  • Introduction to Paragon Heroes– If you have played other MOBAs before but don’t know who to start out with, this is the article for you. We break down the role and characteristics of each hero, and tell you who they are similar to in other games.
  • Advanced Paragon Mechanics– Even for new players this can really help wrap your head around some of the harder concepts, and ideas of this game

Paragon open beta

For Existing Players!

  • Stay calm! New players won’t know how to play, they might not know their character, the controls, or even the basic concept of a MOBA. Stay calm and try to help. New players are good, but getting salty will only push attention away from the game
  • Don’t stomp the new flowers! It might be fun to group up as 5 veterans to set up new accounts and roll through groups of new players, but in the long run you are hurting the community! Players don’t want to lose game after game when they’re still learning to play, so even though its fun to win, let the new people learn!
  • Stay vocal! There is a big difference between players who payed for early access and those who try an open beta for free, and even though its free they still will complain. Stay vocal and let the developers know when there’s a problem but don’t be afraid to speak up when there are unreasonable people!

Paragon Open Beta

The best advice I  can give though is to have fun, and if you aren’t having fun, don’t play. The next few months we’ll hopefully see Paragon grow a lot, and I would love for the community to stay awesome!

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