Hero Spotlight: Auriel

This week’s patch brings us Auriel, the Archangel of Hope, into the Nexus. She’s a ranged support hero from the Diablo 3 franchise. Let’s take a deeper dive into her kit.


Auriel Abilities

Passive: Bestow Hope – 40% of the damage you deal to Heroes and 8% dealt to non-Heroes is stored as energy. Bestow an allied Hero with Hope. While they remain near you, damage they deal causes you to gain energy. You can only have Bestow Hope to 1 ally at time. You can store up to 526 + 4% per level energy.

Q: Sacred Sweep – Sweep the area with sacred power, dealing damage to enemies and an additional  damage to enemies caught in the center.

W:Ray of Heaven – Consume your stored energy and heal allied Heroes in the area for the amount of energy consumed.

E: Detainment Strike – Deal damage to the first enemy Hero hit and knock them back. If they collide with terrain, they are also stunned for 1.25 seconds and take an additional damage.

R1: Crystal Aegis – Place an allied Hero into Stasis for 2 seconds. Upon expiration, Crystal Aegis deals damage to all nearby enemies.

R2: Resurrect – Channel on the spirit of a dead ally for 3 seconds, bringing them back to life with 50% of their maximum health at the location where they died.

Auriels, in the Sky…

Auriel is a combat support that gets better as your team is able to dish out damage. Note that none of her abilities have a mana cost, allowing her to spam abilities and keep pressure on her enemies. Her healing ability, Ray of Heaven, is on an incredibly low 4 second cooldown and will be able to be activated every time it’s up in a team fight.

Resurrect is an incredibly unique ability that will create very interesting game states. I don’t think you will have the luxury to use Resurrect in the middle of a fight as it has a 3 second cast. What the ability will do is allow you to recuperate after a teamfight and continue pushing, giving someone a makeshift version of Murky’s Passive. Auriel promotes aggression and 1 for 1 trades between Assassins. Ressurect is a safety net which allows your team’s damage dealers to take the risk in fighting the enemy team’s.


Bestowing Your Hope

Auriel is not going to be successful on every team. When picking her for your team, keep in mind who you have as good Bestow Hope targets. Bestow Hope converts 40% of that target’s damage against heroes and 8% of minion damage to healing for Auriel. At level 7, the Emphatic Link talent will allow 25% of damage taken to also be converted to healing, making Warriors desirable targets for Bestow Hope. Here are some heroes that I think will have great synergy with her:

Lunara   Lunara dishes out massive amounts of hero damage through her poisons. After level 10, you can ensure max energy heals with the combination of her Thornwood Vine ultimate. Lunara would also appreciate the amount of space Detainment Strike provides against dive heavy teams.

Nazeebo – Nazeebo has fallen out of favor with the Zagara buffs, but Auriel might bring him back into the metagame. Nazeebo does a surprising amount of hero and siege damage with his spiders and passive poison. For the same reasons as Lunara, I can see Nazeebo being a great pairing with Auriel.

Greymane – Greymane is most popular melee Assassin in the competitive scene right now. His ability to switch between melee and ranged stances ensures he will always have uptime on his damage dealing abilities. While Illidan may seem to be a good target for Bestow Hope, there are times where you need to heal and Illidan cannot get into melee range to deal damage and gain energy.

Artanis – When paired with the Emphatic Link talent at level 7, Artanis may be the best Warrior to Bestow Hope in. Artanis dishes out tons of damage and his passive promotes a play style where he stays in the frontline and soaks even more damage. I would definitely walk away from Artanis with Auriel supporting him.

Chen – Oh boy. Chen has gained lot of popularity after his buffs a few weeks ago. There’s no warrior that can tank as much damage as Chen. If your opponents are silly enough to focus him, Emphatic Link will provide the highest return in energy. With the bug fixes on his damage dealing abilities, he’s quite the duelist too.

Auriel Gives You Wings

Auriel has been a blast to play. She feels like everything Kharazim should have been. The subtle removal of a mana bar on her changes so much. She’s so easy, fluid, and rewarding to play. Kudos to Blizzard. You nailed it with this one.

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