Last Week in Heroes August 8th

Last Week

Sometimes there is an interesting bug, amazing replay, or cool story I want to share, but it is not of substance to write an article. I hope to collect all of those tidbits every week and compile them here to share with you all. I’ll do this week by week right before Patch Day on Tuesdays! In the following weeks, I hope to have this available in video form as well.

  • From Zerg to Zerg, Zagara takes the crown form Kerrigan this week and ends as the most winningest hero on HotsLogs. Zagara had an incredibly strong showing in the NA Fall Regionals this weekend where her myriad builds were showcased. Nydus Network has taken over Devouring Maw in popularity, allowing her to have a global presence after level 10. Her unique ability to ward the map has always been valuable so I’m not surprised she’s top dog.
  • Speaking of the NA Fall Regionals, congratulations to Murloc Geniuses who took the final series 3-2 over Gale Force eSports. All players on the team performed incredibly well on stage. Players are touting Jun as the best support and Kharazim player in North America. I personally was blown away at how consistent and omnipresent Fury was as a warrior. His Anub’arak plays against Denial eSports were incredible.
  • It broke my heart this week when mYinsanity announced that they were parting ways with their Heroes of the Storm team. mYi has always been my favorite team in Europe. I hope it’s not the last time we see these boys in action. I wonder if they are keeping the all female team they signed a few weeks ago…

  • Team Liquid‘s Cris reminds us how powerful Kael’thas still is even through the roller coaster of buffs and nerfs he’s been given. Gravity Lapse into Living Bomb does so much work in this clip.

  • This beautiful Artanis piece by Wojtek Depczyński received a lot of love on Reddit a few days ago and was highlighted by Community Manager and all around awesome guy, Trikslyr.


  • Lastly, Carbot Animations released another short based off of the Dragonshire map.

See you guys later this week with an article highlighting Auriel. She flies into the Nexus tomorrow!

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