Last Week in Heroes August 1st

Sometimes there is an interesting bug, amazing replay, or cool story I want to share, but it is not of substance to write an article. I hope to collect all of those tidbits every week and compile them here to share with you all. I’ll do this week by week right before Patch Day on Tuesdays! In the following weeks, I hope to have this available in video form as well.


  • Even with her nerf the latest patch, The Queen of Blade still sits on top of HotSLogs. Kerrigan has the ability to burst enemies down and stay healthy with ample health and shields. She’s what other melee assassins strive to be. Thrall and Illidan have fallen slightly out of favor, as burst damage is more valuable than sustained damage. Kael’thas is sitting on the bottom of the other mages and Jaina is top dog once again.
  • The Auriel hero trailer was released and, boy, is the community excited to for her. There’s some irony in her exclaiming, “Despair cannot defeat the power of hope!”, when she’s the one who was imprisoned by Rakanoth, the Lord of Despair…

  • Reddit user u/HammerbroHS started this thread discussing an email her received from Blizzard previewing a reward system for Auto-Selecting a hero for Quick Match. This will greatly increase queue times for this game mode as it will be easier to matchmake teams. DotA 2 already does this in giving a player extra gold if they randomly select a champion. This is definitely a welcome change for Heroes of the Storm. In the comments, Community Manager Spyrian explains this feature will not be available until later this year.
  • Lastly, the Public Test Realm comes back today! We can finally take a sneak peak of Auriel together. Tune in this week to see Corposant try her out here!

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