Last Week in Heroes July 25th


Art by TamplierPainter

Sometimes there is an interesting bug, amazing replay, or cool story I want to share, but it is not of substance to write an article. I hope to collect all of those tidbits every week and compile them here to share with you all. I’ll do this week by week right before Patch Day on Tuesdays! In the following weeks, I hope to have this available in video form as well.

  • Heroes never die! The Auriel hero page has officially gone up on the Blizzard website and we get a sneak peak at our newest Support. She’s the first hero we see that has the ability to Resurrect an ally from the dead and bring them back into the fight. She feels like the offensive support we’ve always wanted in Kharazim, but with much more control and disables. Tune in this week to watch Corposant play with her on the PTR!
  • Kerrigan sits pretty on top of HotsLogs again this week,  Nazeebo is forever flying under the radar, and Brightwing gets a surprising boost in win-rate.
  • Dustin Browder gave us a glimpse of what Heroes of the Storm looked like before 2010. Both Blademaster and the Hybrid Protoss/Zerg were revealed in the image, making us wonder, where did these characters go? Blademaster is a huge fan favorite and this tweet may foreshadow his arrival.



  • With all the crazy things that have been happening around the world, apparently a Heroes of the Storm player arrived at Blizzard’s Headquarters with an AK-47 for silencing him in game. Wow.
  • Remember that awesome I’d Be Cool If video from Carbot Animations where the imagined Widowmaker as a Heroes of the Storm character? Well someone was able to make her a character in the Starcraft 2 Map Editor! This amazing video ensued.

  • Carbot Double Whammy! We also got this lovely short about Xul. Fart jokes never get old, do they?


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