Champion Update: Ryze

The latest champion to get a retooling and retouching from Riot is everyones favorite blue spell slinging man, Ryze. The core ideas of the champion aren’t changing, and to be fair this will be his third or fourth re-work depending on how you look at it, but I think this is the most thought out version of Ryze that we’ve seen yet. So lets talk about the Champion update Ryze already.

If you are familiar with the champion you know that he is crazy powerful when you learn his combos, but requires a lot of learning just to play against him since he can lock down then burst nearly any target with a carefully executed combo. The team was careful to tell us that they won’t be removing the combos but rather make the hero more straightforward for new players to understand, and reward skilled players with high damage.

Ryze Skills


Ryze Skills

Passive: Arcane Mastery– Ryze gains additional damage from any bonus mana, and his maximum mana is increased as a percentage of his Ability Power.

Q: Overload– Passive: Casting another spell resets the cooldown of Overload and starts charging a Rune, casting another spell will fully charge the rune. Active: Fires a shot in a direction, dealing damage to the first enemy struck. If Ryze has a Rune charged and uses Overload it gives him a temporary shield and bonus movement speed.

W: Rune Prison– temporarily roots an enemy in place and deals damage. Don’t mess with success right?

E: Spell Flux– Deals magic damage to a target and marks them with “Flux” any target marked with Flux will cause Ryze’s other abilities to take on additional properties.

  • If a target marked with Flux is killed by a champion, the flux debuff will spread to nearby enemies.
  • Overload deals additional damage to targets marked with Flux and the damage bounces to nearby enemies that are also marked with Flux.
  • Rune Prison’s root duration is increased
  • Spell flux cast on an enemy already afflicted with Flux will spread it to all nearby enemies.

Q: Realm Warp– Ryze creates a AOE and selects a target place, after a small delay any ally champions or minions in the area are transported to the target location.

pre ryze

Ryze above the fight

From the look of it the team achieved their goal of making Ryze easier to understand while still rewarding the players who are dedicated to learning him. By changing his passive to just a bonus, and making the skills themselves combo its easier to see what and how he is doing so much in a fight. The change to his ultimate is also very interesting, it does lower his tankiness in late team fights, but increases his utility in team fights since he can help an entire team blink and start a fight, or teleport his team to safety. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some very interesting plays coming out of this new kit from high level players.

Im very happy with this rework, and although I was confused why a champion that had been changed so recently was getting attention already, I really do agree with the changes that are being made.

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