Smite Pro League Week 8 Predictions

Now that we’re at the 8th week of the Smite Pro league things are starting to develop into a pretty consistent meta, and even with some clear leaders the competition is tight! Last week there were some really good games, and some surprises too.

Smite Pro League Week 8



Soar Gaming (SoaR) vs Denial (DNL)– After their performance last week, I think Soar are going to take this series over Denial.

Luminosity Gaming (LG) vs Team Eager (EGR)– Both teams are doing pretty well with Luminosity in third and Team Eager in fourth, but I have a feeling that they will split the series.

Envy (nV) vs Team Allegiance (ALG)– After losing to Soar last week I think Allegiance will be looking for a win, but I’m not sure they can win both games.



Cringe Crew (CC) vs Hungry For More (HFM)– Both these teams have had some incredible games where they manage to pull out a win, and terrible games. I don’t know if the game will end with one team going one way or the other, so I’m going with the split.

Dignitas (DiG) vs Torpedo Gaming (TPG)– Torpedo just haven’t been playing well, so I think Dignitas will take the game.

Paradigm (PDG) vs Panthera (PNTR)– Panthera are dominating the scene now, and Paradigm are still struggling to make it into the middle of the pack, so I don’t think we will see an upset here.


Weekend Games

Fnatic (FNC) vs Leftovers (LFTO)– Both teams are pretty evenly matched, going with a split.

Dignitas (DiG) vs Hungry for More (HFM)– Another even match up  either team could have a good day and win or a bad day and lose.

Enemy (NME) vs Randozos (Rand0)– Always bet on whoever is playing Randozos, and if they are playing a top 3 team, definitely bet against them.

Team Eager (EGR) vs Soar Gaming (SoaR)– I should bet with Soar on this one, but I just have a feeling that Eager will split the series



Allegiance (ALG) vs Ranozos (Rand0)– I’m going against my advice here but Randos have beaten better teams so they might get a win in this series.

Paradigm (PDG) vs Leftovers (LFTO)– Leftovers have played well, but I think Paradigm might take this.

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