Smite Pro League Week 7 and #AlliedStrong

After taking a week off for the Spring Fling Smite Pro League came back last week, and there were a few really good games! The most important thing however was the charity that the Hi-Rez team has been talking about for the past couple weeks #AlliedStrong. First lets get into the predictions.

SPL Week 7


SPL thursday

Team Eager (EGR) vs Allegiance (ALG)– I’m giving the advantage to Eager in this match up, they have been playing well, and Allegiance seems to be letting things fall apart recently.

Soar Gaming (SoaR) vs Randozos (Rand0)– As always I’m betting against Randozos, in spite of their wins I just don’t think they are a strong team and although there have been some lucky games, there is a much better chance that Soar will win.

Luminosity Gaming (LG) vs Enemy (NME)– Both teams are playing well, and it could go either way, so I’m going with a split in this match up.


FridaySPL Friday

Dignitas (DiG) vs Leftovers (LFTO)– Earlier in the year I would have given this match a whole different outlook, but I think now it may be closer, and a split looks more likely than a sweep.

Paradigm (PDG) vs Cringe Crew)– Paradigm might end up taking the series but Cringe Crew has been performing well recently, and I think this will end up split between them both.

Fnatic (FNC) vs Hungry for More (HFM)– Hungry for more has been playing really well in their past few games and may up making a run for top 3 teams if they keep it up, I think they’ll take the series.


Weekend Games

SPL weekend

Panthera (PNTR) vs Torpedo (TPG)– There seems to be no stoping Panthera, and unless this week they’ve lost some steam I have a feeling the games will just keep going their way.

Cringe Crew (CC) vs Dignitas (DiG)– Neither team stands out as stronger than the other in this series, but one team may end up winning, I just think a split is most likely.

Envy (nV) vs Denial (DNL)– With both teams looking very strong its hard to give an advantage to one or the other. I think a split is likely for this series

Soar Gaming (SoaR) vs Allegiance (ALG)– Soar has been playing very well recently so I don’t think its out of left field to give them the win in this series.

MondaySPL Monday

Hungry For More (HFM) vs Torpedo (TPG)– I feel another split for this series.

Luminosity Gaming (LG) vs Denial Gaming (DNL)– I might be wrong but I think Luminosity can sweep this.


I wanted to end this post with a quick shoutout and ask for more help. The team at Hi-Rez was good enough to offer up a way of supporting one of the Pro Smite players turned caster and took donations during their “Spring Fling” event. In April,¬†Allied (David Hance) found out he had developed cancer, and needed help to cover everything. The support that the team at Hi-Rez was able to offer will go a long way to help him, but there is always more we can do to help. If you would like to read more about Allied, head over to his gofundme page, and consider donating. To show additional support the Smite team added an in game avatar for Allied, to get one and show your support used the code “#alliedstrong” in the redeem field.


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