Twitch Stream Schedule

We have worked hard to get our computers ready and we are finally ready to announce a schedule for streaming! We are going to be playing Dota 2, League of Legends, Smite, Paragon, and Heroes of the Storm throughout the week. Weekends we will play other games, or maybe rotate in a new game when we can! We also started working on alternate accounts so we can try to have multiple streams at once! (We will try not to cross them!) We will be online from around 8pm to 10pm each night, with the games rotating depending on the day


Twitch Stream Schedule for Games

Monday- League of Legends: We may not be Platinum Rank (yet) but we will be discussing match ups, items, builds, and how to survive in the meta.

Tuesday- Dota 2: With all the new items and changes to the game, there is plenty for us to learn and review every week.

Wednesday- Smite: So many Gods, so little time! Discussing items, builds, match ups, and showing off different game modes.

Thursday- Paragon: While it may be young, this game is like an all-star rookie. We will be going over tactics, cards, and builds.

Friday- Heroes of the Storm: Its a team brawler! Going over some strategies and builds is easier shown than said, so tune in and have fun!

weekends- Free for all!: We will be playing whatever game we think is best for the night, and on Sundays we might even stream party games. Watch for games like Battleborn, Awesomenauts, or a repeat of the other games we play! Feel free to make requests as well

MoreMOBA has Friends!


We will also be hosting some of our friends channels throughout the days and nights, so tune in anytime and watch. You might find a stay at home mom playing Hearthstone, a college student playing Paragon, or a Nurse playing Battleborn. Tune in, subscribe, and take part in our community!

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