Smite Pro League Week 5 Predictions

This week will be the 5th week of the Smite Pro League, and with it another chance to win some free Fantasy points! Last week I wasn’t too far off the mark, with more than 50% correct! This week is another interesting mix, with a few games that could go either way and some that are pretty close to a sure thing.

Smite Pro League Week 5

This week there are a couple things worth noting, Randozos are a step away from disbanding, with their support player leaving the team midseason. They picked up a substitute but I have a feeling it won’t make much of a difference. Another note for this week is that one of the Hi-Rez casters left his job and the company today, it shouldn’t make much difference to the teams, but it might change the way we as fans watch the games.



Team Envy (nV) vs. Denial (DNL)- As much talant as Envy picked up they just don’t have enough synergy to pull together a consistent win, with that said Denial haven’t exactly had a great season either, if Envy decide to get themselves together they could manage a win here, but I think it won’t happen in the first game of the week.

Team Eager (EGR) vs Randozos (Rand0)- Team Eager will have little trouble here, Randozos were 0 wins before loosing their support player, so I don’t think a couple days of practice with a new support will help them.

Enemy (NME) vs Soar (SoaR)– I could be wrong and Enemy could very easily win the series, but I have a feeling that Soar will pull together a win against them this week. Nothing to really go off, just a feeling.




Dignitas (DiG) vs Torpedo (TPG)Dignitas have been playing pretty well and seem to be improving, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take both games against Torpedo.

Cringe Crew (CC) vs Leftovers (LFTO)– Both teams are playing pretty well, so I think a split is fair for both, but if either team feels good they might be able to take the series, but then again, if they both feel good, we’ll end up with a split again!

Panthera (PNTR) vs Fnatic (FNC)Panthera have been incredible this season, they seem to be playing together better than any teams I’ve seen in any game, not just Smite. Fnatic are playing alright, but Panthera will stay a step ahead of them.

Weekend games


Paradigm (PDG) vs Hungry for More (HFM)– There is a high likelihood Paradigm will take the series, but once again, I have a feeling that there will be a win for the underdogs here.

Panthera (PNTR) vs Dignitas (DiG)– Another series where I don’t see any trouble for Panthera.

Luminosity (LG) vs Allegiance (ALG)– I am really impressed with how well Luminosity have been playing, and Allegiance isn’t playing terribly well in their past few games.

Soar Gaming (SoaR) vs Allegiance (ALG)– Teams in fifth and sixth place are really hard to predict, and thats why I’m splitting this series, I could be wrong, but there is no good way to decide.



Fnatic (FNC) vs Torpedo (TPG)– I think Torpedo will use their games in the week to get sharp, and win against Fnatic, they might not, but I just like their chances in this match up.

Luminosity (LG) vs Randozos (Rand0) – Little chance for anything but a sweep here.

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