Smite Pro League Week 4 Predictions

Gather round and listen as I help you earn some fantasy points for your Smite Season ticket! Last week I managed to get a little over half the games right, which considering I have a 33% just by guessing isn’t bad! Last week saw a few pretty good games, including one of the best games of Smite I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching on Sunday’s match between Team EnVyUs(nV) and Team Allegiance (ALG)

This week looks like we are going to have a few really great games again, so without getting too detailed, let’s get started.

Thurs smite

Thursday’s SPL Matches

Luminosity (LG) VS Denial Esports (DNL)Luminosity really had some good games last week, and while Denial has shown they can play well I’m just not thinking they will be able to win either game. I predict both will be close games but the first game will go to Luminosity and they will get some momentum from it and win the second.

Team Allegiance (ALG) VS Randozos (Rand0)– I’m still betting hard against Randozos, they just don’t play well together, and still have the worst logo I’ve ever seen (its like an insane clown posse fan needed to get past trademarks) besides those reasons Allegiance actually seemed like they were coming together as a team last week, they managed to play better than most other teams, and I think the momentum will just pick up from here on out!

Team Eager (EGR) vs SoaR Gaming (SoaR)– I think Thursday won’t have any splits, and Soar will manage to take the series over Eager. Soar had a pretty good performance in week 3, so I think week 4 will go well for them.


Fri smite

Friday’s SPL Matches

PantheraGG (PNTR) vs Hungry For More (HFM)PantheraGG is the team to beat again, and Hungry For More just can’t work together. I have a feeling that PantheraGG will end the series pretty quickly in their favor.

Dignitas (DiG) vs Leftovers (LFTO)– The third place team against the fifth place team could very easily be a draw, but I just have a feeling that Dignitas will manage a series win. Leftovers are a strong enough team, but I think they are in a slump and Dignitas will use it against them.

Paradigm (PDG) vs Cringe Crew (CC)– After their first game last week I was ready to say I was wrong, but Cringe Crew delivered and managed the first win over PanteraGG this season, they managed to come back swinging after their loss and I think the same will happen against Paradigm, and end in a Split.


Sat smite

Saturday’s games

Fnatic (FNC) vs Torpedo Gaming (TPG)With both teams doing okay this season I just don’t think either will dominate the other, or have a breakout performance, split for Fnatic and Torpedo Gaming

Fnatic (FNC) VS Hungry For More (HFM)– I think that both these teams are doing well, but neither has managed to stand out, pretty sure Fnatic and Hungry For More will split this series.

Sun smite

Sunday and Monday’s games

Enemy (NME) vs Envyus (nV)– I have a feeling Enemy is going to take this series, they just seem to be picking up more and more momentum as they play, so I think this week will be good for them.  Envyus isn’t doing badly but they really haven’t had any tough opponents yet so I think they just aren’t ready.

Luminosity Gaming (LG) vs SoaR Gaming (SoaR)Luminosity are really playing well recently and SoaR is just playing alright, but not nearly as well, I’m pretty sure Luminosity will close this series pretty fast.

Enemy (NME) vs Team Eager (EGR)– Going with a split on this, but it is possible that Enemy could take the series, especially if they get a win in their game on Sunday, but I think they will both leave with a single win to their record.

Should be a good week for Smite Pro league, and hopefully a good week for my fantasy points! Good luck to everyone!

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