Smite Week 3 Predictions

Similar to the Compendiums of Dota 2, Smite has a Season Pass which can level up and give additional rewards to anyone who purchased it. Each level of the pass is 500 points from the one before it, and to earn more points you can either

  • Buy 500 point packs from the Smite Store
  • Earn 15 points from every First Win of the Day
  • Win 40 points by correctly guessing the outcome of the Smite League games

Belona Ticket

Since I can’t give you money, and getting a first win is just up to you, I’m here to help you earn extra points like grandpa used to earn his drinking money, by wagering on teams!

This is the third week of the season, so the teams are starting to get a good feel for the meta and how things will play out.  Likewise we can take a look at how the teams are doing and get a feel for how things will play out! So let’s get started!

Thursday week 3


  • Enemy (NME) vs Team Allegiance (ALG)– I’m giving Enemy the win in this match up, they are 5 wins with 1 loss, and Allegiance is 1 win and 3 losses. Enemy is looking really strong this season, and so far Allegiance hasn’t really stepped up. They might soon, but I don’t think it will be against Enemy.
  • SoaR Gaming (SoaR) vs Denial eSports (DNL)– I’m going with a split for this one, Denial have managed 4 wins with only 2 losses, but SoaR have only played 2 games and split them. It’s hard to predict how either team will do in this series, but I think a split is a fair bet.
  • Team EnVyUs (nV) vs The Randozos (Rand0)– I’m giving the win to to EnVyUs, and not just because Randozos are 0 and 4, but partly because I really hate the Radozos logo… like it’s just that bad.
  • Luminosity (LG) vs Team Eager (EGR)– Both teams are evenly split with 2 wins and 4 losses,  so I went with a split, they are both good and if one has an off week the series could end with either one winning.

Friday week 3


  • Paradigm (PDG) vs Leftovers (LFTO)– It’s tough to say how this will end, I think Leftovers might take the series but Paradigm could take it just as easy. Feel free to vote either way, but I split the series because I can’t decide.
  • Hungry for More (HFM) vs Torpedo (TPG)– Even though HFM have 0 wins and 4 losses, I think they might find a win against Torpedo, who are only 1 and 3 themselves. I think a split is a fair guess.
  • PantheraGG (PNTR) vs Fnatic (FNC)– PantheraGG have managed to go 6 and 0 so far, and while Fnatic might find a win in this series I think its likely that PantheraGG will keep their winning streak going, and take both games.
  • Cringe Crew (CC) vs Team Dignitas (DiG)- With only 2 games so far I’m still not sure how Dignitas will perform, CC has played well so far, so I’m giving them the edge, but I might go back on this choice.

Sat sun mon


  • Paradigm (PDG) vs Team Dignitas (DiG)– I think that both teams are pretty evenly matched in this series so I’m going with a split.


  • Team EnVyUs(nV) vs Team Allegiance (ALG)– I think Allegiance won’t be able to stop EnVyUs in this match, there could be an upset, but I think EnVyUs is just stronger.


  • PantheraGG (PNTR) vs Cringe Crew (CC)– I’m going with a split on this series, even though Panthera have managed to play so well, I think Cringe will play well, and manage to get a win on them.

So there you have it! I might be wrong, but if you think so, bet different! Good luck to all the teams and I can’t wait to see the results!

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