Smite Update 2.18 Astral Hunt and New God: Chiron

Astral Hunt update

Hi-Rez took to to talk about the new update Astral Hunt, and show off the new patch, skins, and even a new hero! The team wanted to let players know that there wouldn’t be any balance changes with the Majors going on, but there will be another major patch coming up.

New Skins

  • Childs play Scylla- Part of the Childs Play Chest that will be available soon. It looks like the team went all out with these skins, Scylla’s hounds look like stuffed animals, and her AOE skill “Crush” looks like a spin and speak! The Child’s Play chest itself will give a percentage of the proceeds to the charity of the same name, so definitely worthy of your interest!
  • Nutromancer Ah Puch– Childs play chest This is a pretty ridiculous skin, Ah Puch is just a giant nutcracker, shooting nuts and making jokes about cracking them.
  • Rock From Bisrakh/ King of the Ring Ravana– Week 11 Odyssey Two skins, pretty similar one is red with a beard, the other is purple and clean-shaven. Looks like an MMA fighter.
  • Ba5s Drop Janus– Week 9 Odyssey- The sounds included with this skin are great, and the skin itself is really great quality. Every skill makes a familiar EDM sound, and the God looks like a mix of Deadmau5, Daft Punk, and a speaker
  • Furiona Bellona– Week 10 Odyssey- Bellona already looks like a badass, so this skin just doubles down on it. Really good-looking skin and might be worth trying to get it if you play her at all.

Scylla child's play Bellona Furio Bas5 Drop Janus Nutcromancer Ah Puch Rock from Bisrakh King of the Ring Ravana

New Hero! Chiron, The Great Teacher

There are never enough Centaurs, but Chiron looks like a great start!

Chiron the Great Teacher

  • Training exercise First a targeted AOE CC break and then after a moment AOE damage and slow in the area
  • Masterful Shot- Chiron marks targets when he damages an enemy with a basic attack, or his ultimate which reduces their physical damage protection by 3%. If this ability is activated  Chiron fires seeking arrows at all marked targets within range.
  • Giddyup!- Chiron charges forward damaging enemies and knocking up minions and kicking enemy gods behind him. Chiron may also fire Basic attacks while he is charging.
  • Centaurus- Chiron turns into a Constellation for a limited time, while activated he can fire three arrows that can go through walls. If he would be killed during this ability he doesn’t die until the ultimate is over either from time or firing the third arrow. If he kills an enemy while in his constellation form he will regenerate health equal to the damage dealt.
  • Passive: Herbal Medicine- Every twelve seconds Chiron stacks a buff which increases all healing for 10% for each stack of the buff currently applied, additionally each time he uses an ability, the lowest health ally within 30 units is healed for a scaling amount

The team also told us that the next Pantheon will be Japanese, and will incorporate the traditional gods as well as some of the folk gods.

And last but not least!!

Final Odyssey unlock- Mech Thor

This looks like one of the best skins outside of the Arcanas in Dota, or ultimate skins in League of Legends, The skin itself will change both in-game and on the loading card, and every part of it looks amazing! They didn’t talk about it too much, but I can’t wait to see more!

inside mech Mechs never go out of style



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