League of Legends celebrates Halloween late

zombie slayer


It looks like League of Legends hasn’t forgotten about Halloween after all! The team announced “Zombie Slayer” on their website today, but it might be a little too late.

In the past League of Legends has celebrated the “Harrowing” in October, but this year skipped the Harrowing and just released “Zombie Slayer”

The event is primarily a few new skins, and wards, with a few legacy skins and double mystery gifting. JinxNunuPantheon, and Brand will all be getting new skins to celebrate, and nineteen legacy skins will all be available. The legacy skins have some fan favorites like Kitty cat KatarinaLollipoppyDefinitely Not Blitzcrank, and Headmistress Fiora. It looks like a great opportunity to pick up some of these if you are new to the game or missed them the first time around. But with Haloween already over is the hype for all this gone already? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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