Dota 2 Team IG drops out of Frankfurt Major

Frankfurt Major Day5

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The Dota 2 team Invictus Gaming or IG will not be able to participate in the first Dota 2 Major tournament despite coming in first place in the China qualifiers. The team announced the news over their Weibo page today. Since it’s written in Chinese it might not be the easiest announcement to get through, but let me summarize it for you.

The team’s captain Su “Super” Peng cannot take part because his family had a fake Hukou on file when he attempted to register for his passport. Since I had no idea what a Hukou is I researched it for everyone. A register of every family is kept at local police stations. Any time a family moves, has children, or if a child gets married the family is expected to update their Hukou. The system can be very restricting and can even prevent a family from moving. When his family moved Super’s parents never updated theirs, but when he wanted to attend university they needed one, so a fake Hukou was submitted. However now that Super is trying to get his passport the government noticed that his family has two Hukou on file. The problem will take a while to fix, and with the group stages of the Frankfurt Major starting in just a few days he will not be able resolve the issue in time.  Normally a team would just continue on with a substitute, however having just joined the team two months ago and being it’s captain, Super didn’t have a substitute. The team can’t add one now that roster changes are locked, and they would be disqualified without a full team.

The whole situation is just sad. IG has the potential to be a great team, after placing first in the 2012 International they performed near the top of the rankings consistently, but after a string of losses things were looking bad. The team had seemed to turn around recently though, and managed to tie for third place in the ESL One New York tournament last month. Fans were excited to see the team at the Frankfurt Major but it looks like they will have to wait for another time.

Our best wishes go out to the team and hopefully things will be resolved soon, and they will get a chance to show off their impressive skills at the next Major.


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