Blizzcon is coming! Get Hyped!

Blizzcon Heroes of the storm Championship

It’s that time of the year again, the trees are changing color, Pumpkin Spice supplies are running low, and Blizzcon is right around the corner!

Alongside what will no doubt be news about Diablo 3, Overwatch, Hearthstone, the new World of Warcraft expansion, and Starcraft,  Blizzard is having the Heroes of the Storm World Championship! The first regional qualifiers started back in June, and since then the teams have battled it out to try to make it into the Championships! Eight teams will compete for $1.2 million dollar prize pool, and hopefully we will see some great games coming out of this! Heroes of the Storm has a long way to go to prove it deserves one of the top spots in the MOBA world, but with Blizzard backing it they might actually do it. We will keep you updated as the tournament starts, but feel free to leave us a comment about who you think will win.

More info can also be found at the Blizzcon eSports page here!

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